Monday, November 30, 2015


I finally got the computer I have been saving for, even though technically I didn't save for it and instead decided to finance it with a best buy credit card... yep, you can do that. I figured it would build my credit score since financing a Mac is pretty much the price of a car. Anyway, now I can start my blog!

my name is Amilee and this blog is called "Itty Bitty Goodies".

The name for the blog came from a nickname I was given by my Grandmother when I was a baby due to my small stature, which continued even as I became an adult. Ever since, I have been sort of obsessed with everything miniature and decided to run with the title.  This blog is going to be an "everything" blog where I post about my day to day inspirations whether it be arts, beauty products, controversial topics, etc. Overall it is a blog about myself, and a way to channel my busy brain.