Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Workouts in the Morning

Working out is always in the morning is the best feeling. You start your day with an "I-can-do-this" attitude and gain the energy and confidence needed to have a great day, but for some people, myself included, working out in the morning can be tough. especially when it leaves you feeling nauseous, and out of breath.

Today I pushed myself to get out of bed to workout even just a little bit, and during my HIIT workout I got a little piece of advice to help with the constant struggle of working out in the morning.

Karena and Katrina from do amazing workouts that I have been following for over two years now. They have a weekly schedule that includes different workouts daily, and they always add fun tid-bits to your week such as: recipes, advice, holiday workouts, etc. These ladies are definitely my favorite in the workout realm.

Here is some of the advice Karena and Katrina gave me that helped with my morning workouts:

  1. Eat a small breakfast before working out. just an apple or a banana can help fuel your body after 8 hours of fasting while you sleep. If you don't eat anything it can leave you without energy to complete your workout. If you eat too much, you will feel nauseous due to your body's inability to digest your food during the workout. Instead, wait until after your workout to have a large protein filled recovery breakfast.
  2. Drink water- it's easy to reach for the coffee straight out of bed. DON'T. drink a tall glass of water first, then the coffee. I like to drink a cup of coffee and eat before my workout. 
  3. Breath- inhale and exhale all throughout your workout. For me this has been the most difficult. when I workout I tend to concentrate on the muscles working so much I forget to breath resulting in a major headache and fatigue. BREATH LADIES!
  4. Make a routine- life is just easier with routines, especially workout ones.
Go check out for more advice and fun workouts! Happy Wednesday!

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