Friday, January 22, 2016

January 10-16 Toneitup Results


Breakfast: French toast covered in raw oats with Dave's Killer Bread & Raspberries
Lunch: Tender Grill Chicken Sandwich from BK
Dinner: Salmon 4oz and grilled asparagus
Snacks: Vanilla protein coco libre shake & dark chocolate covered strawberries (3)

Exercise: Elliptical  15 min + total body weight training 


Breakfast: Special K protein cereal & coffee
Lunch: strawberry spinach salad w/ grilled chicken & lite raspberry dressing
Dinner: Grilled Chicken, Green beans, and roasted potatoes
Snacks: Pistachios, tuna salad, special k, hot cocoa

Exercise: bike 15 min & weight training arms and abs

* I was very tired today due to lack of sleep


Breakfast: Spinach burrito with egg, cheese, ham, and tater tots
Lunch: Tuna salad and crackers
Dinner: Spinach turkey wrap w/ veggies
Snacks: Hot cocoa

Exercise: none, active rest day (still walked to work like I do on a daily basis-about 30 min)


Breakfast: 3 whole eggs, scrambled
Lunch: Fried chicken leg
Dinner: Sushi and teriyaki chicken w/ rice
Snacks: Mangoes, coco libre protein shake

Exercise: Did middle/ lower back, obliques, quads, and shoulders today along with 30 minutes of cardio

*weigh in day: 140 lbs for a loss of 3.42 % of my body weight!


Breakfast: Strawberry kiwi protein smoothie with sieges vanilla yogurt
Lunch: 6" turkey with provolone, mayo, mustard, and veggies
Dinner: same as lunch 
Snacks: hickory bbq baked chips, vanilla coco libre protein

Exercise: Yoga with Kassandra HIIT cardio 15 min


Breakfast: special k protein cereal 
Lunch: black bean veggie burger on thin bun w/ veggies and mustard
Dinner: Chicken and rice w/ green beans
Snacks: strawberry banana protein smoothie, chai tea latte (iced)

*Today was an active rest day. My husband and I also got a couples massage tonight to release built up tension in our muscles from workouts. It was AMAZING.


Exercise:Yoga Cardio w/ Tara Stiles first thing this morning!

Breakfast: Egg (fried) on a slice of Dave's Killer bread.
Lunch: Grilled Chicken w/ 1/2 cup of Mac and cheese & side salad
Dinner: 4" turkey with provolone & veggies
Snacks: protein smoothie leftovers (strawberry banana), Tall soy latte, pistachios

*Accomplishments: 5 lb weight loss! I also was able to keep track of my meals and plan them on Sunday.
*Goals for next week: Try a new workout or two, find new recipes for smoothies, and skip out on heavy dressings and carbs such as; ranch, white bread, white pasta, etc.


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