Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Toneitup Challenge

 On Sunday I started the Toneitup Challenge with Karena and Katrina. I have always done their workouts but I haven't completed one of the challenges yet so it's pretty exciting to me. So far it is kicking my butt. Hard. But the good news is, I have the energy to complete my workouts due to my clean eating diet. The diet is difficult, but I no longer wake up bloated, which helps me stay motivated.  

Another thing that helps with the motivation is my supplies. These new Reebok yoga pants are SOOO comfortable and have a fleece lining inside to help me stay warm. I have been keeping a workout journal-I bought this one from home goods. The journaling helps me to organize my meals and workouts according to my crazy work schedule. Having it almost makes me want to complete my workouts even more, just so I can write them down right after.

Journal | Valentina Leather | Home Goods | Reebok Yoga pant | Marshalls

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