Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Authentic Ethnic food in Utah

Cafe Molise

As a born and raised American, I have been very lucky to be introduced to many different cultures outside of my own country. I have always enjoyed learning about new foods, drinks, dances, music, art, fashion, and more. It is part of what makes up my personality as a whole. 

I believe that having a cultural background, and exploring it, is a great way to become a well rounded, interesting individual- and one of the best and easiest ways to do this is through authentic ethnic cuisine. 

 Here are some of my favorite ethnic restaurants in Utah:

Italian food: 
Fresh Panzanella Insalata and an Affogato

When most people from America think of Italian food, they picture lots of pasta, pizza, salami, etc. For the most part, this is fairly accurate. But true Italian food is WAAAYY less salty, has more fresh ingredients, and is portioned out to perfection (not the size of your entire plate.) There is no such thing as Alfredo sauce in Italy, and their water is wine.

Buca di Beppo- With all of your Italian favorites, but a tad bit less Americanized. Plus HUGE portions to feed the entire family with one dish.

Settebello- If you want a really fresh, tasty Italian salad, go here. My favorite is the Panzanella! (pictured on the right) -->

Caffe Molise- pricey, but totally worth it for the fresh ingredients and gorgeous outdoor scenery while you enjoy your food.

Indian food:

Indian food is my weakness. I LOVE it. Real indian food is based with lots of cream and spices, and cooked in a tandoori oven (sort of like a kiln.) Dishes to try: Chicken Tikka masala, Curry, Saag paneer, and garlic naan.

Bombay Grill- This place is kind of a diamond in the rough. Not the prettiest scenery, however the food is AMAZING.  Plus, the owners are super nice, and know their regulars by name.

Kathmandu- I first ate here last Valentines Day, and I was impressed. The Curry was delicious. My husband loved it too!

Greek/ Mediterranean food: 
Things to try; tabbouleh salad, grape leaves, falafel, eggplant moussaka, meat shawarma

The Med- Every time I have eaten here, I always see people who are from the middle east. This food is definitely authentic. *Plus they have many vegetarian, vegan choices.

Layla- Hot spot for fancy food goers. Layla has it all; the atmosphere, taste, and comfort of a great restaurant.

O'Falafel- Great lunch spot for a less expensive mediterranean meal, and their hummus is out of this world.

Peruvian food:
What to order; Papa a la huancaina, anticuchos, ceviche, yuca frita

Del Mar al Lago- Great atmosphere and food. They give you a large portion of Anticuchos(beef heart- and yes, its good).  Some of the most fresh ceviche I have had.

El Rocoto- This place is one of my family's favorites for authentic Peruvian food.  Note, if you don't speak any Spanish, it may be a bit difficult to order, but the staff will try their very best to get you every thing to your liking. They are sweethearts.

Japanese sushi:
What to order; anything with lemon wedge, and a fresh ingredients for the best flavor. And really pile up on that ginger and wasabi!

Osaka sushi in Layton UT. Picture belongs to osaka
Osaka- This place started out so small and because a HUGE sushi hub within the past couple of years.  They recently remodeled it to give you a more authentic Japenese style seating, and they even require you to take you shoes off before hand, as the traditional Japanese culture requires. Their sushi is always fresh and it isn't overly Americanized like most of the sushi places I have been to.

Lespri- If you ever get the chance to stay in Park City, UT. I really recommend coming here for your sushi and/or steak. It doesn't get much better than this, but it's definitely a splurge.  *fun fact, this is where my husband and I stayed for our honeymoon! my favorite sushi roll was the Lihue

Thai food:
What to order; anything peanut, or coconut and the spring rolls

Thai Rod Dee- I Love that this is another one of those hole- in-the wall places that very few people know about. It is never slammed busy, and they even have a prayer room in the front section. Very zen atmosphere with great food.

Chinese food:
What to order; Dim sum

New Golden Dragon- One of my mother's friends showed us this place a couple of years ago. I swear she ordered the entire dim sum menu... twice. DELICIOUS

Well that is my list so far.  In the comments section, let me know if you have been to any other authentic ethnic restaurants that you would recommend in Utah or any other states. Also, I still need to find good Spanish, German, French, Korean and Vietnamese restaurants! I am open to new cuisines as well!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

1st Weekly Favorites

Some of the bloggers that I follow do weekly favorites, and I loved the idea because I am always seeking new things to try, and inspirations! This will be my first weekly favorites post for my blog. enjoy!

Feb 21-27 favorites!

1. Super cute patterned pillow- I really love neutral patterns, this one fit perfectly with my home decor.

2.  This shit is awesome and hilarious.

3. Cashmere plum candle- smells amazing and the jar is sleek and modern, good price too!

4. Vegetable socks- these socks will make you want to eat healthier... maybe.

5.  Dry your left over Valentines day flowers with these tips --> here

Pillow, candle, and veggie socks |
Lip balm |

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines day

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! 
This year my husband and I decided we wanted to take it easy and have a low key valentines day at home together to cuddle and enjoy being a married couple. Here are some pictures of my favorite things to enjoy for Valentines!

This Mr. Bean coffee scrub is AMAZING!! probably one of my favorite scrubs so far. not only does it leave my skin feeling soft and smooth, but I enjoy being able to get dirty and see it wash away, satisfying my O.C.D.  shop below 

You can never have to many flowers, beauty products, coffee, and cupcakes!

shop favorites here:

Monday, February 8, 2016

Jan 17-23 workout results

My workout buddy. jk, she makes me want to sleep all day long


Meal Prep Sunday*
Breakfast: Whole milk and Lavazza espresso w/ cinnamon (skipped actual breakfast today because I woke up late)
Lunch: Mac and Cheese 1 cup
Dinner: Betos enchilada, rice, and refried beans 
Snacks: Dark chocolate and seeds mix (this was my movie theatre treat!)


Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled w/ slice of ham and coffee with half and half
Lunch: Potato Bacon soup and roll w/ side salad
Dinner: Chicken, green beans, spaghetti (small portions of ea.)
Snack/Dessert: Ginger cayenne cookie and mint tea from Eva's Bakery
Exercise: 30 minutes on elliptical/bike -200 cal


Morning exercise: Toneitup Arms Routine + yoga
Breakfast: Green smoothie w/chia and protein from Roxberry
Lunch: crab sandwich with veggies+mustard 3"
Dinner: sushi + gyoza
Snack: 1/2 cup pistachio gelato and 1 serving of organic animal crackers


Today I weighed in for a total of 136 lbs, a total of 10 lbs so far!*
I have been off of my birth control pills during this weight loss time period. I start back up this Sunday, so hopefully this does not effect my weight in a negative way.

Breakfast: oatmeal with dried cranberries, apple, brown sugar, and chia seed
Lunch: veggies, ham, and fruit, with hummus and peanut butter for dipping
I didn't log my dinner for some reason? haha
Exercise: Kettle Booty + Abs from Toneitup and 9 min on Elliptical


Breakfast: 2 eggs on toast (1 slice Daves killer bread)
Lunch: ham and cheese sandwich w/ dijon mustard
Dinner: 2 fish tacos
Snacks: grapes 1 cup
Exercise: Yoga 


Breakfast: watermelon cucumber smoothie w/ coconut
Lunch: crab sandwich (half)
Dinner: other half of crab sandwich
Snacks: organic animal crackers
Exercise: active rest day


Breakfast: Chocolate banana peanut butter smoothie
Lunch: veggie burger
Dinner: filet o fish + sprite (yes I know this is not my typical diet food. But I found out the next day I started my period so... yeah) 
Snacks: 2 chocolate orange wedges, tuna and crackers, and a few pistachios
Exercise: active rest day

*Things to improve on:  Emotional Cheating. Toward the end of this week my monthly came and it caused me to be emotional and crave junk food. 
* Things I did well: exercising daily even on my rest days I walked for at least 30 min outside