Sunday, February 21, 2016

1st Weekly Favorites

Some of the bloggers that I follow do weekly favorites, and I loved the idea because I am always seeking new things to try, and inspirations! This will be my first weekly favorites post for my blog. enjoy!

Feb 21-27 favorites!

1. Super cute patterned pillow- I really love neutral patterns, this one fit perfectly with my home decor.

2.  This shit is awesome and hilarious.

3. Cashmere plum candle- smells amazing and the jar is sleek and modern, good price too!

4. Vegetable socks- these socks will make you want to eat healthier... maybe.

5.  Dry your left over Valentines day flowers with these tips --> here

Pillow, candle, and veggie socks |
Lip balm |

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