Monday, February 8, 2016

Jan 17-23 workout results

My workout buddy. jk, she makes me want to sleep all day long


Meal Prep Sunday*
Breakfast: Whole milk and Lavazza espresso w/ cinnamon (skipped actual breakfast today because I woke up late)
Lunch: Mac and Cheese 1 cup
Dinner: Betos enchilada, rice, and refried beans 
Snacks: Dark chocolate and seeds mix (this was my movie theatre treat!)


Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled w/ slice of ham and coffee with half and half
Lunch: Potato Bacon soup and roll w/ side salad
Dinner: Chicken, green beans, spaghetti (small portions of ea.)
Snack/Dessert: Ginger cayenne cookie and mint tea from Eva's Bakery
Exercise: 30 minutes on elliptical/bike -200 cal


Morning exercise: Toneitup Arms Routine + yoga
Breakfast: Green smoothie w/chia and protein from Roxberry
Lunch: crab sandwich with veggies+mustard 3"
Dinner: sushi + gyoza
Snack: 1/2 cup pistachio gelato and 1 serving of organic animal crackers


Today I weighed in for a total of 136 lbs, a total of 10 lbs so far!*
I have been off of my birth control pills during this weight loss time period. I start back up this Sunday, so hopefully this does not effect my weight in a negative way.

Breakfast: oatmeal with dried cranberries, apple, brown sugar, and chia seed
Lunch: veggies, ham, and fruit, with hummus and peanut butter for dipping
I didn't log my dinner for some reason? haha
Exercise: Kettle Booty + Abs from Toneitup and 9 min on Elliptical


Breakfast: 2 eggs on toast (1 slice Daves killer bread)
Lunch: ham and cheese sandwich w/ dijon mustard
Dinner: 2 fish tacos
Snacks: grapes 1 cup
Exercise: Yoga 


Breakfast: watermelon cucumber smoothie w/ coconut
Lunch: crab sandwich (half)
Dinner: other half of crab sandwich
Snacks: organic animal crackers
Exercise: active rest day


Breakfast: Chocolate banana peanut butter smoothie
Lunch: veggie burger
Dinner: filet o fish + sprite (yes I know this is not my typical diet food. But I found out the next day I started my period so... yeah) 
Snacks: 2 chocolate orange wedges, tuna and crackers, and a few pistachios
Exercise: active rest day

*Things to improve on:  Emotional Cheating. Toward the end of this week my monthly came and it caused me to be emotional and crave junk food. 
* Things I did well: exercising daily even on my rest days I walked for at least 30 min outside

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