Monday, December 5, 2016

Lost Cat

Not to long ago my baby girl Zindy, who I have had for 7 is years now, decided she had enough of the cooped up apartment life and slipped out the front door along with Kitten, our new kitty that we couldn't decide on a name for(this is why we call her Kitten).  Thankfully Kitten was caught safely, but it wasn't until after I went to bed that I realized Zindy was missing.  

In realization of her absence, I hurriedly jumped out of bed and ran to go search for her. I could hear her meowing but couldn't see her in the confusing hallways of the apartment complex. Kyson and I spent all night looking for her and eventually gave in to the exhaustion and decided to continue our search later. 
The next week we put up flyers, called shelters, and told the maintenance man at our apartments to keep an eye out for her. Still no one had found her.  About three weeks later I received a call from a vet just south of me, she explained that she may have my kitty. I asked, " is she all white with one blue and one greenish eye? " and she said yes. But it turned out that kitty's microchip didn't match Zindy's. 

After just about giving up on my search, I got a call from a friendly hispanic lady who said she thought she had my missing cat that had scratched on her door one rainy night. Turns out it was Zindy! I ran over to pick her up and the lady wouldn't even take my cash reward. I wish I would have asked for her name just to give her a shout out, but seriously I couldn't thank her enough for keeping her safe.

Now Zindy is home and Kyson calls her a "mexicat" because she keeps scratching on the door to go back to the lady's house...  she is also slowly but surely being reunited with Kitten while they hiss at each other constantly. Yes it's annoying. Yes they keep me up all night. But I couldn't be happier having them both home safe and sound.

All photos taken by Amilee | Lost Cat


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