Monday, January 9, 2017

Essential Oils Diffuser

This year for one of my Christmas gifts Kyson bought me a set of Radha essential oils and a Vic Tsing diffuser.  This gift is going to be used SOOOO much. I can't even express the joy i have for diffusers and humidifiers. 
Ever since I was little I have had a lot of sinus issues due to my small nasal passages and eustachian tubes (the ones that connect ear, nose, and throat).  Because of this, my sleeping tends to not be the greatest, and wakes Kyson up to Grandpa-level snoring... yeah it's embarrassing. I usually just coat my nose with a crap ton of Vick's vapor rub and hope all goes well, but this takes it to another level.  
Not only does the diffuser mist out any essential oil scent I want, but it also purifies and humidifies the air, leaving a sleeping Amilee happier than ever. 

  • It lights up- anything that has cool interchangeable neon lights is an A+ in my book.
  • It purifies the air along with humidifying it. I have shedding cats, so yeah... I need this.
  • Its super quiet and helps with sleep
  • It has running time options, or runs until the water runs out and then automatically turns off which ensures a safe use.
  • It looks like a wooden onion. Okay this isn't really a con though. I love the modern minimalist look.  
  • Makes me wish I was a professional Yogi. 🙏

So far my favorites of the oils are the eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree. These are the ones I use the most for sleep, acne, and energy. I highly recommend using essential oils for health and beauty purposes as they are a completely natural alternative to medications and other chemicals that are added to many products. Oils are also much better for your skin than benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid and work to kill the bacteria without causing redness or irritation.  Make sure you test any oils on a small patch of skin, and dilute them with a carrier oil or water before using!

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