Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sketch On Sunday #2

These are two side profile portraits I did a couple of weeks ago. #sketchonsunday
The first one is of the Utah instafamous Zoe Lazerson. If you live in the Orem/ Provo area or have been on instagram I'm sure you have heard or seen her at some point in the last few years. Her instagram is swoon worthy! The second drawing is of Layne Putnam. She is the frontgirl and singer of the band Layne. I discovered Layne as one of the openers at the last K.Flay Crush Me tour. I love the dark, heavy sound of their synths and the pop-like vocals in their music. I'm so excited to hear more for the new year.👂

Things I liked about these drawings: The unfinished look, practice with blonde hair (cuz usually I choose to draw darker hair), and the silhouette profile look.

What I could work on: the realistic effect got kind of tedious. I would like to work more on stretching the time of my drawings out, that way I am not rushing to finish them.

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