Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sketch On Sunday

Hey guys! 
Here is your #sketchonsunday for today! 
This is a self portrait done in Photoshop.

Time: about 5 hours

Pros: I really like how the hair, shadows, and skin tones turned out, i also like the background aspect of this piece. In the past I hadn't done full on backgrounds, they were just white... or something boring. So, yeah.  I also have done some previous work with butterflies in them. This is a symbol I would like to continue including in various work because it represents a very important topic to me ( I will include this in another post)

Cons: I think I might add more detail to the shirt later, And I'm not sure about the green in the skin because it looks a bit zombified, but I dunno it's kind of morbidly awesome too. It Also bothers me that this isn't completely centered... OCD!!!

Pondering (A Self Portrait)

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