Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A day with Lena

Did a photoshoot not too long ago with Lena. She is such a gorgeous unique individual, originally from Ukraine with a spunky, fun, and caring personality. I love how this photoshoot turned out, and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did! ❤ ❤ ❤

   All photos taken with Canon t5i by Amilee

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Weekly Favorites

Hey It's time for another weekly top 10! sorry I have been slacking on this.  If you are a follower, and want to see a specific topic talked about or have any tips please comment below↓↓↓

1. Taking morning walks with my coffee. This has been a favorite for about a week now and I really want to keep it up. It gets me out and moving while I take in some nature and sun. Then when my coffee is finished I jog and do some sprints to get my blood pumping and some cardio in for the day

2. Toneitup. The new Bikini series is about to start and I'm so excited!!! If you need a trainer or program to follow I highly recommend the Toneitup girls.

3. Yasso bars. These Greek yogurt dessert bars are AMAZING! They have so little calories and sugars and 5 grams of protein. Perfect for a late night sweet snack or movie treatπŸ‘…. My fave so far is chocolate chip cookie dough.

4. Plants. Its that time of year again.

5. Kitten. As much as the little twerp annoys the shit out of me, she is always up for cuddles and I love it. Especially if I am feeling down, she is the sweetest little therapy kitty. Check out the post about her here.

6. My Iphone 7. As much hate as it has gotten, I am quite in love.

7. Hem Incense. It's perfect for my morning or evening meditation and when I am cleaning I love to light a them around the apartment.

8. Cabins. I don't know why I am obsessed all of the sudden, but I really want to go stay in a super cute airbnb cabin somewhere soon. So If anyone is down to come adventure let me know. πŸ‘‡ In the meantime here are some cute cabins to look at.

9. This Lancome moisturizer is wonderful. It doesn't feel all oily and weigh down your skin. It's perfect if you have sensitive or acne prone skin like I do. For more of my fave Lancome products go here

10. My Sunday Vibes T-Shirt from Old Navy.  You can purchase a similar one here.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Meet Kitten

This is Kitten 

Her true name is Janis (as in Janis Joplin) because when she meows she has a weird croak sound to her voice, but we didn't actually name her until about 3 months in to adoption, so we just called her Kitten and it stuck. I have had her since fall of 2016, and she has become a very special part of my little family. Here is a bit about her.

About Kitten:

Gender: Princess

Age: forever a Kitten. 😸

Breed: Part lynx point siamese, part domestic asshole, and part human baby.

Colors include: orange, brown, black, off white, gray, and crystal blue.

Why I chose mama: She picked me up and asked why I hadn't been adopted yet, called me beautiful and then stuffed me in a kennel and took me home. So I guess I didn't really have a say, but now I love her.

Favorite food: Anything on the counter.

Favorite drink: Toilet water.

Favorite hobby: Catching random flashes of light or cuddling with mama.

Morning routine: Every morning, I know when my parents leave for work, so I wait by the door for this magical beam of light that shines through and I know one day I will finally hold it between my paws.

Bad Habit: I am clumsy... So i tend to knock shit over a lot or almost choke myself with chords I get tangled up in.

Biggest pet peeve: I hate it when the litter box has even a single spot of poo or pee. I would rather go in a pile of clean laundry because it ALWAYS smells and feels great.

Best quality: I love to cuddle. I am super loving and will fall asleep in your arms any day. πŸ’•

Favorite Person: Val. JK Val told me to put this...

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lancome cosmetics

I have fallen in love πŸ’•with Lancome!  

I can't express enough how difficult it has been for me to find a foundation that is my color. I have very yellow/olive undertones, but pale. The other day I was wandering through the mall just looking and trying a couple of different makeup colors. The lady at the Lance counter was super nice and helpful and found my color almost exactly, she gave me a slightly darker version because I explained to her I tan pretty easily in the spring and summer. She also hooked me up with a complete sample kit and super cute bag and shipped it straight to me in just a few days! 

So far I have used the mascara, foundation, blush and moisturizer the most. I really enjoy the moisturizer because its light and feels like water on my skin rather than oil.  I haven't used the cleanser as much because I'm pretty plain jane with my good 'ol Cetaphil cleanser, but I still love all of the products so far and can't wait to try more!

Agate tray from WorldMarket