Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Meet Kitten

This is Kitten 

Her true name is Janis (as in Janis Joplin) because when she meows she has a weird croak sound to her voice, but we didn't actually name her until about 3 months in to adoption, so we just called her Kitten and it stuck. I have had her since fall of 2016, and she has become a very special part of my little family. Here is a bit about her.

About Kitten:

Gender: Princess

Age: forever a Kitten. 😸

Breed: Part lynx point siamese, part domestic asshole, and part human baby.

Colors include: orange, brown, black, off white, gray, and crystal blue.

Why I chose mama: She picked me up and asked why I hadn't been adopted yet, called me beautiful and then stuffed me in a kennel and took me home. So I guess I didn't really have a say, but now I love her.

Favorite food: Anything on the counter.

Favorite drink: Toilet water.

Favorite hobby: Catching random flashes of light or cuddling with mama.

Morning routine: Every morning, I know when my parents leave for work, so I wait by the door for this magical beam of light that shines through and I know one day I will finally hold it between my paws.

Bad Habit: I am clumsy... So i tend to knock shit over a lot or almost choke myself with chords I get tangled up in.

Biggest pet peeve: I hate it when the litter box has even a single spot of poo or pee. I would rather go in a pile of clean laundry because it ALWAYS smells and feels great.

Best quality: I love to cuddle. I am super loving and will fall asleep in your arms any day. 💕

Favorite Person: Val. JK Val told me to put this...

 If you want to see kitten up close and personal follow my snapchat! @amileekae

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